How is an Auto Tyre Made?

Auto tyres play a crucial role in the performance of a vehicle. Apart from supporting the weight of the car, they also help in transmitting the traction force to the road surface. Hankook focuses on the comfort and durability of the tyres. It also makes sure that the tires are securely fitted on the rims. The tread patterns are chosen keeping in mind the vehicle’s movement and stability requirements.

The Global Auto Tyre Market is segmented based on applications and regions. The largest segment is Replacement Tires, with a share of over 75%. The second largest application is Commercial Vehicles. The report studies the market from both the production and sales perspective and covers the competitive landscape. It also identifies the key players in the market and provides information about their sales and market shares. The report provides a detailed analysis of the Auto Tyre industry, highlighting the factors affecting the market growth.

Light vehicle kilometers traveled is an important indicator of tire usage. The number of vehicles driving on roads in the United States increased nearly two thirds between 2000 and 19 according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). As a result, the amount of time a vehicle spends traveling is directly related to the type of auto tyre it is fitted with. The tyres must be durable enough to stand up to all types of weather conditions.

Synthetic rubbers are made of different types of materials. Butadiene and styrene are common polymers, while halobutyl rubber is used in the manufacturing of tyres. These polymers determine the characteristics of a tire. In addition, they are resistant to heat and oxygen. This makes them durable. And, unlike natural rubber, they are biodegradable. They can be recycled and used over again without losing their effectiveness.

Manufacturing a tire begins with mixing raw materials. Raw materials such as oil and rubber are delivered in railcars. Computer controlled systems measure the chemicals and rubber in precise batches. Giant mixers are used to stir and mix these batches. They can weigh up to 1,100 pounds! This process can take several hours and can result in dangerous accidents. This process may be time consuming, but it ensures that every automobile is safe for driving.

Another important factor when choosing the right tyre for your car is the terrain. If you drive on the road, you do not need a tire with the same depth of tread as you would on the street. On the other hand, if you drive on a rugged terrain, you need a tyre with more robustness. Choosing the right auto tyre for the terrain can reduce noise, provide more even wear in the tread, and keep you from slipping.

To determine the right pressure for your tires, you need to measure the contact patch on the sidewall of the tire. The pressure listed on the sidewall of the tire is the maximum pressure allowed for it. Consumer Reports recommends checking your tire pressure when your tires are cold, as the friction created by driving changes the pressure. To ensure that your car’s tyres are at optimum levels, wait for about three hours before driving.

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