Retrofitting Classic Cars With Modern Features

Classic cars represent an iconic era of automotive excellence, craftsmanship, and design that holds special meaning to many enthusiasts who strive to preserve them and maintain their aesthetic appeal.

Air conditioning is one of the latest upgrades that keep vintage cars comfortable in warm temperatures, while audio controls that appear original but feature Bluetooth, smartphone input and Apple CarPlay functionality are other modern upgrades that keep vintage car drivers cool and relaxed in scorching heat.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is essential if you plan on driving your classic car long distances, not only increasing comfort but also making driving safer. Prior to the 1960s, vintage cars rarely featured air conditioning due to cost considerations; however, after this decade it became affordable and accessible for most drivers.

Upgrades worth considering include adding a GPS system for easier navigation on modern highways and upgrading your tires with radials that offer improved performance over bias-ply ones. Furthermore, upgrading the brake system with braided stainless steel brake line hoses helps increase safety.

Automotive purists might argue that altering an original design compromises authenticity; however, more enthusiasts and collectors are opting for resto-modding (the process of restoring and customizing). Two classic cars with modified classic car features like aerodynamic optimization for higher speeds as well as engine upgrades are the Singer Porsche 911 and Iconic Bronco.

Infotainment Systems

Classic cars boast timeless aesthetics and handcrafted designs, but often lack modern features that enhance comfort and convenience. By updating these vehicles with tech upgrades, drivers can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Upgraded digital displays make it easy to keep tabs on important vehicle data, while modern audio systems make long trips more comfortable and enjoyable.

If the infotainment system is compatible with mobile apps, users can connect directly to music streaming services. Other settings might include display themes, wallpaper selection or screen layout customization for an appealing and user-friendly user interface.

British automaker JLR provides an in-dash infotainment system that fits seamlessly into Jaguars and Land Rovers, featuring a 3.5-inch touchscreen between traditional rotary controls and buttons. It comes equipped with DAB radio, smartphone integration and customizable satellite navigation that works seamlessly with older negative earth electrical systems found on many 1960s and 1970s British vehicles.

Radial Tires

Classic cars can benefit from being outfitted with modern tires that enhance performance and handling. Radial tires offer greater flexibility to easily navigate pavement breaks and ruts; furthermore they are better suited to wet and dry road conditions with lower rolling resistance for greater fuel efficiency.

Many classic car owners opt for radial tires because they offer smoother rides, lower noise levels and increased traction – not to mention they look better than the cross-ply tires that usually come standard on classic vehicles.

To maintain period accuracy on vintage vehicles, there are several tire companies offering radial tires in both blackwall and whitewall styles that fit most pre-WWII vehicles. Coker offers wide whitewall radials that look similar to bias-ply but with higher speed ratings for safer driving; these come in 9 sizes that suit a range of classic cars.

Electric Drivetrains

Today’s environmentally-sensitive world can leave classic car owners fearful that their beloved vehicles may become obsolete, yet advances in technology provide pathways to modernize them.

Retrofitting a classic car with an electric drivetrain can create an unparalleled driving experience that blends vintage charm with innovation. To start this process, carefully remove the internal combustion engine and associated components to clear space for an electric motor and battery pack; positioning of this motor should ensure optimal power transmission as well as weight distribution.

After this step is taken, the vehicle is further customized by adding smart infotainment systems and radial tires for enhanced safety and performance. The result: an elegant classic car that meets modern sustainability standards while maintaining its distinctive aesthetic.

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